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Life Update

Hey guys! Sorry for not posting for a while. Everything else kinda got in the way... so, I wanted to take this chance to update you on what's been going on lately :)

I've now been living with my hearing aid for about two weeks. The more days pass the more perks I'm noticing, so there's no way I would give it up anymore. However, I have been experiencing ear pain (most likely not because of the hearing aid), and it's stressing me out. My ears are so messed up, I feel like there's always something wrong with them. I have an appointment to see my audiologist in a couple of weeks, but I'll call her this week to see if I need to get another appointment with a doctor, too. I'll let you know what happens.

School is also taking up a lot of my energy right now. My thesis alone gives me a headache. I'm getting more and more excited about graduation! I should graduate in May or June, depending on when I can hand in my thesis. The writing process is slow at the …

I Got A Hearing Aid!

Last summer I went to get my hearing checked after a couple of years, and it turned out my left ear had gone worse. It had happened so gradually I hadn't even noticed. I had my doubts, but never really believed it until I saw my audiogram on paper. I've now lost the high pitched noises, like bird singing, and struggle to hear people in crowds. After the results last summer I went to see an ENT, and told him I need a hearing aid. He, at first, said I was a borderline case, and doubted whether I needed a hearing aid since my right ear was perfectly fine. But then he took a look at my previous audiograms and figured if my hearing continued to deteriorate at this speed, it's better to get a hearing aid sooner rather than later, and so he put me down for one. Since I wasn't an acute case, I needed to wait about six months to get to my actual hearing aid appointment.

That appointment was on the last day of January. Since I still had an infection in both of my ears, we were u…

My Meniere's Triggers

I consider myself to be very fortunate with my own condition at the moment. I rarely get vertigo attacks, I'd say once a year. I definitely don't take this for granted, and credit medication (Betaserc) and certain lifestyle changes for doing well. However, I do have triggers that make me feel worse. Please note, that by saying these factors trigger my Meniere's, I mean they temporarily make my symptoms worse, they do not necessarily cause an attack.

Consuming large amounts of alcohol is simply not an option for me anymore. I learned my lesson from my very first vertigo attack ever, which, to this day, is the worst I've ever felt in my entire life, and was caused by alcohol. After realizing that alcohol was a trigger for me, I gave it up for a whole year. I've never been a big drinker anyway, so it wasn't a big deal. After that year I started testing my limits, allowing myself a glass of wine every now and then. I now drink less than I did before I got Me…