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Raise Awareness on Meniere's Disease!

I addressed this matter on my other blog a while back, but what better place to do that again than on this blog!

I think everyone with Meniere's disease can agree that there isn't enough information out there and way little research is being done. So many people have Meniere's disease, and yet nobody talks about it. Why is that? Why isn't Meniere's disease considered important enough to make it more known? Our curse is that this disease is invisible. Maybe if we were all walking around with our heads bandaged up, people would take it more seriously.

There is a petition online started by Judy McNamara Tripp to get Bono and U2 help us raise awareness. The petition states the following:

We are requesting that you would consider one of two possible options: First, creation of a simple (filmed) statement before you sing your song, “Vertigo” during one of your concerts, mentioning the need for a cure, something along the lines of: “We need to find a cure for the millions who suffer lives filled with vertigo and deafness caused by Meniere’s disease” or a similar statement. Or, if more acceptable, for you to create a public service video for 'YouTube', that addresses Meniere’s disease, helping us to spread awareness for this complex disease by raising interest and empathy and hopefully increasing the 'desperately needed' research dollars that will provide better treatments and ultimately a cure.

You can find the petition HERE. Signing it only takes a minute, and we are so close to 10,000! Please make sure to share this with your family and friends. Thank you!


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