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What is Menieresstrong?

Hi, everyone, and welcome to Menieresstrong! If you clicked here from my personal blog, then you probably already know what this new blog is about. If you just randomly happened to stumble upon here, let me bring you up to date!

I have had Menieres's disease since 2012. I follow many Meniere's associated sites and groups online and although it makes me happy whenever I find a new site (I feel there really aren't that many!), most of the time I end up disappointed a little because of all the negativity. The thing about Meniere's is that it's never the same between two individuals. I'm currently doing really well with my own condition, but I realize there are a lot of people out there who suffer from this disease and its symptoms on a daily basis and never get a chance to breathe in between. However, I think people should hear the positive side of life with Meniere's as well. I would never judge anyone by what they're telling about their condition, and I would never second guess anyone when they say how hard they have it. What I don't like is groups posting negative stuff about Meniere's disease and making it look like it reflects the thoughts and mindsets of every single person who has this disease. Not one group does this on a regular basis, and I don't think it's what they mean to do at all, it's just how I sometimes see it, and that is what made me create Menieresstrong.

I have Meniere's disease and I'm completely fine with it, even though I sometimes wish I could hear better and that I wouldn't have a constant ring in my ears. I've learned to live with my disease and everything that has come with it, and I can honestly say it's all a part of me now, and not necessarily in a bad way.

In this blog I want to talk about Meniere's disease, I want to share my own story and journey with it, and I want to emphasize how Meniere's does not need to ruin your life, and it does not have to be the dark center of your life. If you're someone with Meniere's disease, I hope reading this blog will make you feel better. I'm not on a mission to diminish what you are going through, because we all experience this disease differently, but I do hope that I'm able to improve your day even a little bit. I would consider that a win already.

I will be updating as regularly as I can - hopefully at least 2-3 times a week. Please subscribe and don't hesitate to leave a comment. You can also follow Menieresstrong on Instagram and Facebook! :)

Hope you all have a vertigo-free weekend. Talk to you later!


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