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Who Am I?

Launching a new blog is always exciting. I love blogging, and have been doing it since late 2010. If you want to check out my lifestyle/travel blog, click here. I have shared thoughts about my Meniere's disease over there, too, but decided creating a new blog dedicated to the subject made more sense, because I have a lot of thoughts and things to say. I'm excited about this blog, and looking forward to really getting it started. So, naturally, I want you guys to get to know me.

My name is Iira, and I'm a 27-year-old business student from Finland. I'm on my last year of studies, and to be honest, I have no idea what I will do after graduation. I'm pretty good at winging it... eyeliner, and life. I currently work as a personal assistant and hope to move abroad at some point. I love traveling and writing. Simple things make me happy. Besides my business studies I've taken on Finnish sign language classes, and I love it! I'm also independently studying American sign language. I have a hearing loss due to my Meniere's disease, but I will talk about all of that in upcoming posts.

Random facts about me:

  • I'm actually quite shy, especially with new people. 
  • I hate making phone calls.
  • I've lived in the USA and would love to move there permanently in the future.
  • My dream job is a writer.
  • I'm very much into makeup.
  • I suck at math.
  • I used to draw a lot of portraits and was really good at it.
  • I once got to see Blue Bloods the TV show film an entire day outside my work place. 
  • I'm distantly related to Pamela Andersson.
  • I make a killer cheesecake.
  • After high school I went to cooking school, but have never practiced that profession. 
  • I once got to swim with a dolphin!
  • I have also pet a crocodile.
  • I used to play the guitar in a school band.
  • I love making videos, and will probably make some for you guys, too!

You will learn to know me better as this blog progresses. I'm also open to questions and welcome any ideas and tips you guys might have! I hope this blog will become interactive and you will feel at ease sharing your own experiences with me. :)

Until next time!


  1. Oh THAT was the show that filmed outside your work place! I have been wondering what it was :D And Pamela Anderson, wow! :O Can you give me your recipe to the killer cheesecake or is it a secret? ;D

    1. Girl, you could have asked :D and yeah, I'll get you the recipe!


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